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Ulster County Civil War Book

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Town of Plattekill 
Civil War Veterans

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All that knew historian and author Shirley V. Anson - knew that her passion and life long journey was to preserve our local history. For fifteen long years she diligently crafted her last work of history - she passed away prior to completing this last chapter for the Town of Plattekill Civil War Veterans. The Anson family has now partnered with Author Libbie Werlau to make this piece of history come alive. Thanks to her complete notes and research we are able to make this come alive. And what a book it will be! Would you like to know a little bit more of Shirley's Portfolio, CLICK HERE>  For the Matthewis Persen House Museum in Kingston, CLICK HERE


Can you imagine a 480-page book documenting every family living within Plattekill (Ardonia, Clintondale Modena, Plattekill and New Hurley) during the Civil War?
Well we can! She has over 250 images of the individual families and their history.
This book gives vital research to every family, including photos and documents never seen before.  The book was carefully created designed, written researched and produced from Shirley - and now coming alive by 2025 for you to dive into. This series of war chronicles go into great detail the American Civil War in our area.
Each chapter focused on a different topic, such as the blockade, and spies, but mainly concentrated on the battles and campaigns. It will also document the history of the area. Interested in more information? Email

More details following soon. For Ulster County's Civil War Round Table, Click Here.

By Shirley Virginia 
Morse Anson

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