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Native American Stone Structures of the Catskill Mountains

Join the Plattekill Historical Society on Saturday, March 9, 2024
for this highly anticipated program! (Please note, this date is a change from our usual third-Saturday programs!)

Scattered throughout the wooded uplands of the Catskill Mountains are a large number of standing lithic structures that have mostly been ignored by conventional archaeologists. Often dismissed as colonial era stone walls and field clearing piles, these formations are increasingly emerging as part of a Native American tradition of ritual building practices that reflected a sophisticated world view and sociocultural belief system. This program. presented by author Glenn Kreisberg, focuses on presenting locational data of potential Native American sacred sites within the Catskills and surrounding regions, in order to discern patterns in their construction techniques, environmental positioning, and event-specific structural alignments related to sky observation. Utilizing GIS software, hundreds of sites and structures in the region have been geo-located, providing a basis for understanding these sites in their original context. This research is only the first step in a larger effort to rediscover the cultural heritage and knowledge Native Americans in our region have long practiced and represented as a living synthesis projected upon their physical landscape.

Glenn Kreisberg is an author, outdoor guide, and radio engineer, who researches archeoastronomy and landscape archaeology in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains of New York. His books include Spirits in Stone, Mysteries of the Ancient Past and Lost Knowledge of the Ancients. He served two terms as vice president of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) and studied archeoastronomy at SUNY and archaeoacoustics on Malta. He is co-founder of the non-profit Overlook Mountain Center ( in Woodstock, NY, where he lives with his wife and their two offspring.

The meeting will take place at 1PM on Saturday, March 9,

at the Plattekill Historical Society building (127 Church Street in Plattekill/Wallkill for GPS purposes).This program is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call 845-389-7998, visit the Plattekill Historical Society Facebook page or

Mr. Kreisberg will have a limited number of books for sale at the event. His books can be ordered through these local booksellers

The Golden Notebook/


or through Amazon:

Please visit our website 
or for more information email:


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Above - Save the Dates for our Plattekill Historical Society's Historical Speaker Schedule. 

THIS SERIES is always FREE to the public with light refreshments and snacks. It is one of the many perks to being a member of the Plattekill Historical Preservation and Plattekill Grange. Click the image below for a copy of our new NEWSLETTER.

It is going to be a stellar year to learn a bit of the local history come and enjoy.

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2023 Speaker Series was a success!


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